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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavia has a long heritage of beautiful home furnishings. Scandinavians are renowned for incorporating clean lines, using the color white like total pros, and emphasizing both function and form.

You might think that Scandinavian style is that famous yellow and blue store with 'assemble yourself furniture' that comes in boxes.  but Scandinavian style is more than that!

If you love a clean and minimal look that embraces natural elements, Scandinavian might be your style!

Scandinavian style includes...

1 - Light toned wood.

 On the other side of the room, we couldn't help but fall for this breakfast nook. With wooden bentwood chairs, statement lighting, a fun print, and a cozy bench, you couldn't ask for a better place to start your morning.

2 - A rug with one pop of colour

 Mid-century style with an IKEA STOCKHOLM rug | IDA Interior LifeStyle:

3 - Lots of white, and white on white

 I'm obsessed with the fire wood being stored in the wall, and that chair !:

4 - When it comes to hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, simplicity is key.  Clean lines and minimal to no detail.

 Kitchen Design Photo by Natalie Cruz Album - sourced, kitchen nook:

5 - Invest in classics. Scandinavian style is very minimal so you will only have a few decor items, so it's worth investing in them. For example, a glass vase by designer Alvar Aalto


6 - Signature 'Scandinavian' pieces that embrace the Scandinavian style like the Tulip Table

 kitchens, kitchens, and more kitchens | BURKE DECOR:

7 - Gallery walls with a monochrome colour palette.

 Beautiful home decor! What better feeling than coming back to a beautiful and cozy home. Get inspired and try this in your home!:

8 - Pendant lighting is essential and an important decor feature in the room.  It is functional but also decorative. Plan the room around it

Nordic design / eams chair / minimalist design / simple interior / white & wood / black lamp.:

9 -  Plants.  Streamlined and clean in a simple planter or vase.  But every Scandinavian styled room has a plant.

 I love that white walls and floors! I'd use more colorful accent pieces via art, though:

10 - Wood flooring.  Think wider, lighter planks with visible knots and minimal to no gloss.

 Scandinavian. | The best scandinavian home design ideas! See more inspiring images on our boards at:

11 - Make a point of having and highlighting the fireplace.  In Scandinavian styled homes, we often see corner fireplaces and furniture plans are often designed around them.

 Scandinavian interior. Simple, natural shades. Come at peace!:

12 - Open Shelving.  For functional items like dishes in the kitchen.  It's about easy access and operating effectively.

 A Room by Room Guide to Scandinavian Style Love the tile!:

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Selling and Seasonal Decor

"We will be selling our home during the holidays.  We love the holidays and especially the decorating.  Is it OK to decorate our home for the holidays while it is up for sale? "

We love the holidays too and the decorating is our favourite part but when it comes to selling your home you need to be careful.  Holiday decorating can be a negative when it comes to selling your home.

Setting for Four: Decorating for Autumn: Inspiration from Home Magazines:
 We love how simple and subtle this entry way decor is.  It is perfect for the fall and Thanksgiving season.  It is clean and tasteful.

halloween, halloween decor, halloween mantels:
Although we love this because it is both fun and festive for Halloween, it is too much if you are selling your home.  The mantle is too cluttered and crowded, and taking away from the fireplace - a great feature for any home

Here's why:

1.  Certain holiday decor may be religious and that can turn (some) buyers off.  You need to keep the home neutral and depersonalized.

2.  Holiday decor (in most cases) adds clutter.  You might think adding a large Christmas tree in your family room shows off the size of the room but it actually doesn't.  It cramps the space, adds bulk to the space and although beautiful it may even cut off the flow of the room.

If I did a Halloween party, this is how I would decorate.:
This is a lot of fun and totally chic for a Halloween party but it's very cluttered and is very distracting.
3.  Holiday decor can be distracting.  Lights, trees, baubles and bling really take the focus away from features like flooring, new paint, large windows and just about anything else that is included with the home

4.  Holiday decor dates your photos. We love holiday decor but if you are decked out for the holidays during your photos, those photos will get old and quickly.  No one wants to see a fireplace mantle with garlands and wreaths in late January or February (and depending on your market and price point that could be a realistic time frame).

 holiday decor. christmas decor. joy. Joy decorative Christmas bottles Beautiful by SEVENTHandJ on Etsy, $25.00:
This is clean and simple plus it isn't religious.  This would be cute on a mantel or as a centerpiece during the season.
Now if you just can't come to terms with not decorating for the holidays while your home is for sale, here are some ideas.

1.  Tone it down and keep it tasteful.  So keep to less than 50% of what you would normally do.

Christmas Farmhouse5540
This is a great addition on the front porch or by the fireplace.  It's clean and simple and it can be up over the months of December and January as it is pretty generic.  But remember to maintain any natural plants - you don't want a fire hazard or pine needles everywhere!

2.  Keep your decor up for a shorter period of time.  So don't put up your items too early and keep them up too long.

3.  Don't have your decor 'up' for your photos.  That way you will be giving buyers (who are looking online) a true snapshot of what the home looks like and you will be able to use the photos longer as they won't be dated after the holidays.

4.  Hosting the holidays? Be sure to let your agent know and coordinate with him/her any showing restrictions in advance - you don't want to turn away showings if you can avoid it. It can set a bad impression.

small front porch ideas pinterest | 42 Wonderful Christmas Decorating Ideas for Porch 2013-2014
 Don't forget the exterior - keep your decor simple, clean and tasteful.  White lights are very flattering and work beyond the Christmas holidays.  Also with the days getting shorter, these lights help buyers and agents see the house better!

The North Pole  It's Christmas at the North Pole all year long, so Santa Claus' home must be decorated to the nines with vibrant lighting, garland, red bows, wreaths and candles in the windows. This festive, snow-covered home looks like it could be occupied by Saint Nick himself.:
  This is really fun and very festive and probably a neighbourhood attraction but it is distracting and a look to avoid when selling your home.

Remember once you are in your new home you can make up for not being able to decorate during the sale of your last home! Happy Holidays and happy Selling!!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Golden Rule : How To Decorate with Gold

For 2016, GOLD is hot!  We saw this metallic used in home decor in 2015 but this coming year it will be everywhere. Gold is a great way to add some shine to your space but it also can add a touch of glamour or tradition depending on how you use it.  One of the great things about gold is that it works with every colour.  Paired with navy, black, white or cream it is a classic but try getting a little 'edgy' by pairing it with pinks, aqua, grey and prints.

when you think gold in the home you probably think fixtures like hardware, plumbing and lighting but think can be used in many other ways.

Pretty dresser and decor: | Photography: Brooke Palmer -
We love gold in this bedroom.  A touch of glam, modern and tradition.  The touch of gold in the hardware and the lamp base adds some sparkle and shine.  Adding these gold elements to the high lacquer and clean lined gives the room a bit of a clean modern feel.

101 Amazing Pieces You'd Never Guess Were From HomeGoods: If you're anything like us, you've aimlessly entered HomeGoods only to walk out with 12 new decor items that you "just had to have.":
 You don't have to go overboard when it comes to gold.  A few touches here and there really go a long way.  We love the gold edging on this coffee table and bar cart.

Interior Design Tips - Spring Home Decor

Re-think gold in your light fixtures.  We love this pendant.  The modern lines and angles make it simple but still interesting and having it in gold...adds some simple glamour.

Top 50 Pinterest Gallery 2014 | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV:
Look at frames in your home, mirrors or photos, a touch of gold adds some bling and personality to any room.  We love the gold frame mirror in this powder room

Metallics Mania – Why choose one when you can have them all?! | BHG Style Spotters:
 Pillows in a gold finish is so glamorous and gorgeous!  Pair is with some texture and voila! - instantly chic!

Throw Pillows | Chanel Painting | Wall Art | Pink Gold | Color Palette | Room Ideas | Glam Interiors | Home Decor:
Make a statement with bold, gold art! We love the mix of shades of pink, beige, white and gold.  Girly and fun!

Summer chic! @Centsational Girl adds whites and gold touches to her summer mantle, like Z Gallerie's Nolan Vase.

Gold accessories on a coffee table, bookcase or mantel - elegant and modern.  Look for bowls, vases and candle sticks in gold for a touch of glam.

Modern Glamour: Soft, timeless colors get a contemporary spin in this radiant dining room. The buffet's shimmery shell inlay catches the light from the modern glass pendants. The table's metal lattice base lets the room feel airy, while dramatic wing back chairs keep it grounded. $1,679.00:

Gold furniture  is so sophisticated and modern.  We love this gold base with glass top paired with upholstered chairs.  It's the perfect balance of traditional and modern.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Bedroom Chandeliers

“I see in magazine so many people are using chandeliers in their bedrooms these days. I love the look, but am worried I won’t know how to choose the right one. What are some of the things I should be looking for when choosing a chandelier for my bedroom?"

Who doesn’t love a chandelier in the bedroom! The elegant look they give a space is so beautiful. A gorgeous light fixture is such a feature in a room and lighting is something that can really change a space. Both design wise and functionally. Choosing a chandelier for your bedroom doesn’t need to be complicated! There are tons of options out there, from rustic to modern, but chances are, your home décor is already headed in a certain direction. Be true to your style! Whether the look you desire is traditional or modern, there's many options that will work with your decor and provide the ambient light you need. If you love bling, adding a little bit of glitz and glam to your room will give it that sparkle you're looking for. For a more traditional look, choose a chandelier with more ornamentation or decorative details. If your room's look is more modern, a fixture with simple lines and fewer details can be a stunning touch.

 Love this! A modern and glamorous Greenwich home with a beautiful master bedroom. A chandelier, upholstered headboard, wall sconces and nightstands in white, blue and silver are always chic.:
Chandeliers usually work best in rooms with a ceiling height of more than 9 feet. Though, in a child’s bedroom, you might choose a mini-chandelier, since children's rooms are typically smaller than master bedrooms. A mini-chandelier may be designed more like a semi-flush light, which won't take up as much space. This can also work in small scale dining rooms or living rooms.

 Loving everything about this bright and bold bedroom.:

The chandelier should complement, not overwhelm, furnishings placed underneath. One of the most noted mistakes when installing a bedroom chandelier is choosing a fixture that is too small for the room. Chances are this lighting fixture is going to be a focal point of the bedroom (among others), so we want to ensure that is not falling into the background. Choose a chandelier that at first glance may look too large for the room. Obviously, choosing something gargantuan is going to look silly, but choosing an oversize chandelier will really make a statement in the room. It’s better to have a chandelier too large than it is too small. 

 Glam up your bedroom with rich jewel tones.:

Once you've determined the right size chandelier for your room, choose a fixture based on the room's main color or material. What type of statement you want to make? Is there a certain mood or feeling your looking to invoke? We want to be true to the décor you currently have/love. 

 Nantucket Shingle Cottage with Modern Coastal Interiors:

If you are looking to create a romantic space, go for the sparkle and the glam look of a crystal chandelier. (put that on a dimmer!!) If you are looking for a rustic space, add some organic textures.. adding a wood element is a sure way to bring the natural feel inside. A modern bedroom is best accented with clean lines and minimalist extras. A traditional bedroom looks great with a candelabra chandelier and a little bit of crystal. Do some research. Think about what you love in your home and carry that into your décor choices!

 Vintage doors for headboard, love this bedroom retreat:

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween House of Horrors - Our favourite Halloween decor ideas

We love Halloween, well let's face it we love any excuse to decorate!  Here are some of our favourite decor ideas for this spook-tacular holiday!  There are so many options ghouly-goregous, boo-tiful and vamp-tastic....find you spooky style and have fun!

We don't call it All Hallows Eve enough! . . Okay can I just jump in this picture and enjoy the cozy fire?!:

We love this fireplace vignette.  It's the right amount of spooky without terrifying your guests.  It's festive and fun but classy at the same time.  The white and black theme isn't too 'Halloween' it still has a designer look about it.

FREE Printable Halloween Spells Book Cover for your Halloween Decor or Halloween Party |

Easy and fun but also subtle.  Try these printables to make your current books look like old spell and potion books.   Perfect for a coffee table!

Deranged Halloween Centerpiece - Martha Stewart Halloween, good use for old clear floral vases.  My kind of flower arrangement!:

Creepy floral arrangement...add some spooky and inexpensive spider and snakes to an existing bouquet or opt for a fake floral arrangement and re-use this every year.  Love this for a foyer or coffee table and why not for a centerpiece at your Halloween party!
BOO Pumpkins. Would be cute set up on a Halloween buffet.:

An easy DIY with foam pumpkins from any craft store and re-purpose those candle sticks ! You can really play around with this pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, add some creepy many possibilities!

DIY Witches' Cauldron porch decor:

Instead of a planter to celebrate the fall season, why not a witch's cauldron? Another easy idea with many options...fill it with spooky pieces like this image or make it more child-friendly with cute pumpkins and ghosts!

Poison Bottles:

Love this for a centerpiece or maybe just on the kitchen island!  Re-use old bottles meant for the recycling bin and use some great printables to transform them into spooky poisons and potions!

27 Incredibly Easy Ways To Upgrade Any Halloween Party - BuzzFeed Mobile:

Simple and festive!  Love this idea for napkin rings...this could be for a dinner party or just for the kids before trick-or-treating!

How fun!! I am going to get the hubby right on this project.....only a few months until Halloween!

If you are that house on the street that goes full out and creates a haunted house...this is for you! This "DEAD and Breakfast" sign is amazing and perfect for the DIYer in you! Go to your local hardware store for the posts, chains and the wood for the sign, pumpkins and crows and paint to create the sign are all available at a craft store

Hang bats from garland or stairwell for Halloween. So cute! Nixon would love hitting these on the way up the stairs!  Bat garland. Halloween stair ideas.:

In my house, we can't get too scary just yet so we decorate with felt bats, trees, owl and pumpkins...very similar to this image.  It's very family friendly and it looks great!

Learn Halloween decorating tips and tricks from Grandin Road and create a sophisticated Halloween display, with glamorous harvest and Halloween decorations.:

We love a great Halloween wreath - an easy way to be festive and participate in the holiday ! there are so many options, it could be hard to decide.

Halloween decorations / IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Halloween Party Themes for Adults - CotCozy

Hosting a Halloween party? This is a great idea....give your home that creepy haunted old home look with white sheets covering the furniture (this will also help protect your furniture from spills and crumbs) add some candelabras, candle light and cobwebs and you have the look!

Love this mantle...have to find straight vases and convince my husband I need a few more decor glass pieces! LOL

Get create with your vases and fill them with little skeletons, spiders, pumpkins, mice and anything else Halloween.  Add some florist moss and you've got a simple vignette for the fireplace, coffee table or console.  Simple yet effective!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Finding my Decorating Style

"I really want to decorate my condo and have it look amazing.  But where do I start? Do I look at what's trending? Or copy what I see in magazines? I really need help and have no idea where to start!"

Decorating your home is so much fun but it can be stressful for some - we don't want you to have a negative experience, after all this is your home, your space, your sanctuary !

 A home for a mid-week touch of calm (via ):

Magazines are a great start.  Here's what we recommend: start leafing through magazines (start in a bookstore, we love Chapters, they always have a large and varied selection) - (you can also look online - try Houzz or Pinterest.) So start looking through your magazines and keep a file (yes, rip out those pages!) and take some notes on what you love about the page - post-it's are easy and perfect for this!  Collect a number of images and once you have a decent amount (10-20)- stop and review.  Look at the images, look at your you see a pattern? You probably will notice a common theme - like colour, pattern, texture, style....or perhaps something more specific like wallpaper or bold and graphic art.  This exercise is a great way to start and get a better idea of your taste and style.  Don't use words like "I'm modern or I'm traditional", images will give you a much better idea of what you are all about!

ARENT&PYKE: Dining room art - In/Out:

Another great tip for decorating, is to ask yourself "how to I want this room to feel?" Do you want a sexy or romantic bedroom? Do you want a vibrant and exciting living room?

 Romantic bedroom- My dream Bedroom:

Use your interests as decor influences. Maybe you love to travel and you want your space to remind you of your travels - "I want a room that reminds me of Italy, France, Morocco....etc....." did you collect art or other artifacts on your adventures? Use those items in your decorating.  They will give the space a sense of who you are and what your story is.

The Marrakech Collection #global #decor

Trends are great to read about but if you don't love what's '#trending' don't do it! Your space needs to reflect your story - not what someone tells the masses is cool.

Don't be afraid! If you love something you will find a spot for it.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colours and brands/price points, an expensive sofa paired with a re purposed/recycled thrift store find like a bench or end tables - is what personal style is all about! 

 Mistake: Poor Rug Relationships:

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Hardwood in the kitchen

"We are doing some work to our kitchen, and one thing I keep seeing in magazines is hardwood floors in the kitchen. I love the look & want to incorporate it into my own home, is this a good idea?"

Choosing hardwood floors in the kitchen is a great option. There are definitely some cons, but there are many pluses as well. It’s a look that is very on trend right now. Hardwood flooring in the kitchen is especially great for an open concept home because there is no transition between the flooring, the seamless look is continuous.

6 Elements to a Kitchen That Make It Timeless: There are certain types of wood species that really thrive in a kitchen setting, and there are others that are less ideal. Exotic woods such as teak and rosewood are not great options as they are a softer species and dent easier. You want a 'harder' wood, if this is the route you're going in your home. 

Our recommendations would be to choose hardwood species offering a tighter grain. Oak (see the image above)  for example features a prominent grain pattern that hides dirt and dents better than woods with subtle grains. Try to stay away from pine and birch and light colored flooring because the kitchen is such a high traffic area. These lighter tones will not hide dirt, scuffs and scratches as well as other species.

 Reader Redesign: Farmhouse Kitchen - I love the rustic quality of the wide-panel hardwood floors and the kitchen is awesome too:

The most ideal type of woods to use in your kitchen are reclaimed wood (see the image above) , or a distressed finish, or hand scraped hardwood.
Distressed and hand scraped will ease the mind of someone who is very particular about any scuffs. Lets be realistic, at some point, something is going to get dropped on your floors, especially in the kitchen. With These type of finishing, any dents or damage will look planned, or if nothing else, add some extra character. Hand scraped is a beautiful look even in a modern/contemporary home. It does sound rustic, but it can be very subtle to the touch.


In terms of finish, I wouldn't recommend a glossy look.The shine is going to be much more obvious if it is dirty and scuffed and over time, it will begin to look worn and tired. Finishes come in a range of sheens from low-shine satin to high-gloss. Satin sheen is the best option because it will hide food bits and dust best.

 Kitchen. The hardware for this kitchen is from Belwith. Stools are from “Design Within Reach” and floors are natural maple hardwood. #kitchen:

Moisture is always a concern when you use hardwood in the kitchen. If possible, use a mat or rug in front of areas that often get wet, and be sure to wipe all spills as soon as possible. Be mindful when adding hardwood to your kitchen that it does require a regular maintenance routine. Follow the flooring manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.

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