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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas in a condo - some chic but unexpected decor ideas for the holidays

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the decor - it's fun and festive but does it have to be so tradition or so childlike? NO!! Living in a smaller space can also be a challenge for decorating and celebrating during the holidays

Here are some fun, festive and fabulous decor ideas (and party ideas) to ring in the holidays with some urban and contemporary flair!

- Fill large glass vases, bowls and other chic containers with glass ball ornaments in various shapes and sizes but in a coordinating colour concept (of your choice and the options are endless these days). Display these bowls and vases throughout your space. This adds some colour, texture and bling to your home!

- Want to keep it contemporary and chic? Work in holiday decor with your existing colour theme. If your home is very grey add some accents of silver reindeer, if your space is cream or cream add some white snowflakes. To keep it chic - don't clutter, keep it clean and streamlined, by using the existing colour palette the look is festive without being obvious.

- Hosting a Christmas lunch or cocktail? Be different. Stand out from the crowd. Serve the unexpected - like sushi. It's colourful, bit size and easy to order in! You can display these delicious bites throughout the space on crisp, clean white dishes. Who says we have to serve turkey or ham? In Italy, it's tradition to serve fish (7 kinds to be exact) on Christmas eve. A lighter meal would be appreciated by most (a healthy one too). The other great thing about serving sushi is that you can eat i standing up, so you don't have to have a formal sit down dinner party. If you want to keep the party even easier, your guests could trying making and rolling there own sushi.

- Where to hang the stocking? Maybe you don't have a fireplace mantel, there are many places to hang the stocking. Why not on the backs of chairs or stools? If you want to keep the chic, stylish looks of your condo don't buy the stockings covered in snowmen and Santa's, look for simple and less bright - there are so many options for stockings these days. Ladies - they even have stiletto stockings!

- For a centrepiece, pointsettas are traditional so why not opt for simple white or green arrangements? Looking for a brighter colour concept - whatever colour you choose find some floral arrangements that are simple and modern for your centrepiece. You could go very sleek with calla lilies or more voluminous with peonies or hydrangea. Simple and clean will give you that chic streamlined look. Add some shine with napkin rings and some texture with your table runner, table cloth or napkins. Some clean (fragrance free) candles also add some lovely ambiance.

- Waste not, want not. Instead of wrapping gifts in wrapping paper that just goes to waste, look for beautiful boxes that can be re-used by your friends and loved ones. A bit more expensive, yes but maybe not if they use the boxes over and over again.

- Christmas in a condo? Fitting a spruce or pine tree in your space can be very tricky and some condo boards even have rules against this. Yes, you could opt for a fake tree but storing it year after year could be an issue. Why not opt for some fauxwhite branches (available at craft stores and home decor stores), place the branches in a glass vase and hang some festive ornaments from the branches. It's clean and chic. Or, purchase a fragrant rosemary tree for the condo - it looks like a mini Christmas tree and smell incredible plus you can use the fresh rosemary in your cooking.

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Holiday outdoor planters

The holidays are here! And the stores are full of Christmas cheer!

Have you seen all of those stunning natural outdoor planters and wreaths this season? They really add life to any front or side door entry. The fresh green foliage of pine and cedar along with accents of holly and cranberries are just gorgeous but how can you keep those beautiful planters looking fresh all season long?

It's so easy. Regular spritzing of room temperature water to the entire planter or wreath will keep the natural holiday decor looking it's best! At the bare, bare minimum spritz once a week but aim for every other day. Even though these are branches from evergreens they can yellow over time if they are not splashed with water. The branches can wilt and look very sad if not cared for.

Keep your natural wreaths and planters ever green all season long with some spritzing of room temperature water. Plus after the holiday season these planters still look great as they add some life and colour to a gloomy and dreary winter season - so keep them alive!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome home for the Holidays!

The holidays are a time to welcome friends, family and neighbours to celebrate. So if you are hosting any holidays events this season you'll want to greet your guests with a warm welcome. So pretty up your porch this holidays season with ideas from this list.

1-- Start with a good clean. Shovel the snow or sweep away the leaves. Clean the glass. Wipe away the cob webs. Brush off the railings.

2 -- Keep your outdoor decor in it's own box and label it so it makes this job easy year after year. Also include supplies you might need like florist wire, scissors, snipers etc...

3 -- Pick a theme. The outdoor theme should be consistent with your indoor theme. So if you are using a sophisticated metallic theme the inside should be similar. If you are decorating for the child within, that's fine too just keep it consistent (that also means it won't look cluttered either)

4 -- A wreath. This is a basic that dresses up any door. You can go truly natural with fresh cedar, pine and cranberries but you can also find ones with bells and bling. Remember, a wreath hanger is a really inexpensive way to keep your door in perfect shape. The wreath should hang at about eye level, after all you want your guests to notice your fabulous decor!

5 -- Winter planters. Urns are another great way to add visual interest to your front entrance. Add cedar, pine, boxwood, holly, dogwood and cranberries for a truly natural look, you can add some shine with metallic ornaments too. The arrangement should be about the same height as the urn itself, in order to stay balanced.

6 -- Keep it green. Keep your natural planters, wreaths and anything else green all winter by spritzing it with room temperature water regularly (at least once a week but more often the better)

7 -- Add light. Remember the days are short during the winter so add some simple outdoor lights for effect. You can't go wrong with white lights but if you are committed to a colour theme pick a colour that works with your theme.

8 -- Don't forget the railings. Add a garland to the railing. You can wrap it around the railing or hand it in a bowed look. You can adds bows, lights or berries for some colour too.

9 -- Don't get too crazy! The most effective look regardless of your theme is keeping it simple.

10 -- Get everyone involved. Make it a family tradition and get the whole family involved in the planning and the set up. Many hands makes for light work ;)

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How to avoid a cookie cutter room

All to often when you move into a place or you want to re-decorate a room, we take the easy route by heading to a great furniture store and buying what we see and copy the showroom floor. If you want a truly personalized space you really need to be selective of the various items you put in your room - what do I mean ?

There are tons of great finds out there. At furniture shops, specialty stores, antique shops, vintage stores, craft fairs just need to take the time to look. You want to look for quality, of course but you also want to look for a common thread. A unique and stylish space will include texture, shine, pattern and colour but it can also include a mix of styles. Mixing different styles or time periods does not necessarily mean you will have an eclectic room but you will have a room of designer quality.

For example, if you found a fantastic art deco desk in black and you found some end tables that look kind of country it could work if there is a common thread - such as colour, if the end tables had a black detail the items now have a common thread. The other trick is not to place them right beside each other in the room (psst...that way no one will notices the differences between the pieces that way). The other trick is to find a desk chair that's sleek or kind of funky.

Personal style is all about you. What you love, what you like and bringing it all together. You will always find a spot for something you absolutely love! Personal style also reflects your personality - are you fun and splashy? are you calm and serene? It does take time to build a room that reflects your personal style but it's worth it because you will be thrilled with the end results and you will feel so comfortable. Yes, just picking up a showroom display and bringing it home is easy but in the end your home will feel like a waiting room and less like the room you want.Spend the time - it's worth it!

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Holiday style swap

The holidays are a fun and wonderful time of the year! It is so great to get together with friends and family but it can be expensive...but it doesn't have to be.

why not try some of these fun ways to save over the holidays and still have a fun and fabulous holiday

- try a cookie exchange. it's easier and most cost effective to bake multiples of one cookie plus it's a great way to try some new baking goodies. but choose your cookie exchange members carefully, reliable friends are best!

- if you know someone maybe even a family member who does not decorate the house anymore (maybe they travel or don't host anymore) ask if you can buy or have their old decor items

- get the kids involved in homemade decorations. popcorn strings, hand painted wood or over baked dough ornaments, paper chains's fun to do too!

- make wrapping paper and cards too

- share the duties: if you are great at wrapping and a friend is fabulous at decorating why not exchange duties? you'll both end up with fantastic results and less frustration too

- do a gift exchange (a great idea for the gown-ups) we don't really need anything and it helps every one's bank accounts

- what to do with all of your leftovers after those big holiday meals? do a left over party on the 26 th. my family started doing this a number of years ago and it's fun and so easy plus no more leftovers filling up the fridge. invite anyone you want - family, friends, neighbours and they are to bring their leftovers. have a table with all of the food for everyone to pick at, let the kids play, watch movies whatever and just have a relaxing day!

It's doesn't matter how you and your loved ones celebrate - the number of gifts, what you eat and how to decorate what matters is who you are with and the fun you have together!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Yes, that's right, Christmas is right around the corner!

I love this time of year - the sights, the smells and the overall feelings of happiness and joy.

There are so many ways to celebrate and decorate.

It doesn't have to be expensive either.

- Try making homemade decorations and it's fun for the whole family too!

- Picking a colour theme can keep you on track and focused

- Add to your decor collection each year, instead of totally splurging, building your collection is fun and can demonstrate the changes in your life as time goes by

- Be sure to pack your holiday decor items properly, that way they will last from season to season

- Decorate with edible items such as fruit and nuts, that way they serve two purpose and don't go to waste

- A great way to add to your collection every year is to shop for the decorative items after the holidays, sure you will have to wait the whole year to use them but think of the savings

- Looking for unique pieces? Try going to local craft fairs and shows for handcrafted and special pieces.

- Not sure what to get a friend or neighbour? A decor piece celebrating the holidays is never a bad idea. It has meaning and it is something they can use every year and think of you!

Don't get stressed! Keep the holidays fun and enjoyable. This time of year is truly for celebration!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Warehouse lofts in Ottawa

We have all seen these artsy inspired NYC lofts in the movies and television but where can we find one? Well, this style of housing is mostly popular in areas where they had a lot of warehouses which are no longer used for that purpose anymore and they have since been re-purposed into residences.

In Ottawa, we do not have a lot of that 'look' but that is about to change. If you haven't already seen (or heard) there is a great new development in Ottawa called ' Distillery Warehouse Lofts'. The features are amazing: wide plank hardwood, quartz counter tops, chic Euro inspired kitchens, stainless steel accents and brick walls. The colour packages are incredible too! The sales office is located at 1930 Bank St and it is so worth checking out.

The sales office/model gives you a great idea of just how the suites would look and feel. The look is so chic but at the same time warm and inviting. The location is not the typical downtown but it is located close to transit, the airport, shopping, groceries and other amenities.

Go see the sales office and see this new and exciting project in Ottawa!

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